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Tesco & Odeon, Leicester

January 8, 2007

Some time last week Gary Wood complained about the lack of queue at Standinaqueue, and I do fear that if Gary Wood is disgruntled then other readers may be so also.

May I thank you all for allowing me some leeway over the Christmas and New Year period, and I am well aware that I promised to stand in queues as soon as this year, that we’re already comfortably in, began. However, there does seem to be a hiatus of queues in British towns of late and I wonder if this has anything to do with the big skive that we heard much about last week.

This Saturday afternoon just past, I went to visit my older sister in the city of Leicester and was prepared to have at least three queues under my belt by the time darkness fell. Unfortunately, despite being in a prime location at a prime time, I have only two queuing situations to report on.

The first was in Tesco.

With my sister’s trolley full it was time to head to the checkouts and I anticipated, with a certain degree of excitement, that we could be in for a small wait.

Although it was at this point that Samantha realised that she’d forgotten to pick up Saturday’s Guardian, and so off I was made to trot.

And by the time I got back she was already packing.

The queue had already happened, without me in it.

Fresh out of Tesco’s car park we went to fill up at the petrol station, and I hoped that here at least there would be a small line of people waiting inside the shop.

But alas it was not to be as we could, and did, pay at the pump.

After lunch, we caught a matinee at Leicester’s Odeon and again I expected to queue.

But we were stood here only briefly and within no time at all Samantha was purchasing two adult tickets for Miss Potter.

Leaving the queuing area empty except for one small girl.

Although in the above picture you see her in a moment of contemplation, just after this photograph was taken the small girl, with the rebellious nature of a Dadaist, showed utter disregard for the rules set in place by the queue dividers, ducked under the red ribbon, and ran in a full circle around the metal stand.

Tesco’s on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

August 15, 2006

I still enjoy the novelty of scanning my shopping myself, but I don’t allow myself to enjoy this more than efficiency and so only use self-service if the queues at the peopled checkouts are longer. I was pleased to see that this was the case today and so stood with the three people waiting to use the four self-service checkouts. There is no space for queuing at these checkouts, probably because in their design they were thought to be too efficient for queues, and so those waiting stand in a group and it’s up the collective to remember the order.

But just after joining the informal gathering, I was quickly ushered off by one of the staff to the cigarette booth where there was “only a small group”. I found this to be very disappointing and wondered if growing groups by the self-service had become a supermarket taboo.


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