Greggs, Rotherham

September 20, 2006

It was inevitable the trouble that a two queue system would cause.

Went in to Greggs today to test the queue. Although I’ve tried this before and lost my nerve, today I was determined.

As usual, upon entering the shop I was greeted by two queues; a queue on the right of a couple of people, and a long queue on the left for freshly made sandwiches. I joined the long queue on the left.

The pace was good for a lunchtime and I soon found myself near the front of the queue. I was going to have a bacon and chicken club sandwich and a caramel doughnut, or maybe even pay an extra six pence and have a spikey mikey. I wasn’t sure.

But I was definately going to order something sweet and see if the lady would walk to the other counter. I was two people away from this scenario being acted out when that’s when it happened.

“Next please!” shouted the lady behind the counter on the right. Of course, no one moved as we were all in line for the freshly made sandwiches at the back of the shop. But then she said “Next please! I can get you anything you want from the other counter.”

Anything! What a mockery this made of the two queue system. This meant that I could have walked into the shop, used the short queue on the right, and already have eaten half my club sandwich by now.

“Next please!” she shouted again. But I stayed where I was. I wasn’t the next person to be served, but the one after that, and I was much closer to the back counter than I was to the shouting lady.

However, those behind me did not move either. For to step out of line and be served would have meant being served before those who’ve been waiting longer. It was quite a social dilemma for everyone.

And it was not until she shouted “Next please” again did a lady with a pram leave the queue and make her order.

Although the lady was about two thirds back in a rather long queue, I think that everyone was rather happy with her queue jumping as not only was she a mother with a pram, but she had also put an end to a rather uncomfortable situation.

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3 Responses to “Greggs, Rotherham”

  1. ” But I stayed where I was. I wasn’t the next person to be served, but the one after that, and I was much closer to the back counter than I was to the shouting lady.”

    Sir! I salute your integrity, nay indefatigability. You are a model of everything that is good upon this sceptred isle.

    Pity that you stuck so firmly to the “left” though: I should have thought your insistence upon your choice over the coercion of the lady behind the counter to change your views marks you out more on the “right”.


    Toodle Pip!

  2. williamdeed Says:

    I thank you General for your comment and indeed your salutation.

    It was however the queue that behaved with such integrity and I was merely but a part of it.

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